Sukh Chan Wellness Club

Sukh Chan Wellness Club

The Sukh Cha'n Wellness Club

About The Club

Sukh Chan Wellness Club is your home of healthy lifestyle. The word Sukh Chan means tranquility and happiness, origin of this word traces back to an Indian beech tree (Pongamia piñata) found commonly across the plains of Punjab, locally known as “Sukh Chan”. The Tree is known for its dense shade, under which people sought Sukh Chan (Tranquility) during summers.

Sukh Chan Wellness Club has been designed with a notion of providing “Sukh Chan” to the valued members. It ensues Wellbeing and peace of mind of its members by isolating them from their stressful lives and hustle bustle. It indulges wellness in one’s life, “Wellness”-a wellbeing state where the body and mind are in harmony.

Sukh Chan provide a fitness and recreational platform to its members, where they ameliorate their lifestyle. A good and healthy routine is inevitable to maintain a healthy lifestyle which Sukh Chan encourages. Sukh Chan enables its members maintaining a healthy & active routine by offering its state of the art facilities, such as lifestyle also prevents chronic diseases.

The club was inaugurated on September 16, 2005 in Lahore and since then has grown considerably in term of member strength, service and recognition. The club has also received various accolades for being Pakistan’s Best Health Club.


“To convey to our members on a daily basis our deep respect for them and for their efforts to define and achieve their fitness goals. We welcome people of all ages, sizes and abilities, and we take pride in our ongoing commitment to provide our members with the tools and support they need to change their lives. We promise to do our best to offer an experience that is positive, productive and empowering.”

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